July 5, 2020 What Choices Are You Making?

The power of choice is at the foundation of our humanity.  Yes, we get to make choices!  We choose when to get up in the morning, what to wear, what to eat, our life’s work and what to do for play.  We choose our friends and lovers, and we choose at times to end relationships that no longer feed our spirits.  We choose between good and evil, and between love and hate. Choice is an amazing power, but it needs exercise.  Like any skill, without practice, effectiveness diminishes.  In today’s rapid-paced world, instead of making choices, we are tempted to go into “default mode”, bombarded by people with products and services that make it easier for us to just “go with the flow”.  Convenience and speed often trump quality, and we “settle” for a mundane life of routine tasks and living vicariously through media and obsessive accumulation of “stuff”.   Actually, that is a choice itself! Perhaps there would be value in choosing to do something every day that practices the skill power of choice-making, choosing something new, different, and out of the ordinary to see what you can learn, and to stretch! We can choose not to settle!

So, what are your choices today?  Are you choosing to live your life, your way?  Or are you choosing to “go with the flow”? Are you exercising your power, or abdicating it? Make a choice!

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