Be careful with people who insist that they are right!

Be careful with people who insist on their position being the “right” position.  You are in store for argument, not dialogue, leading to nowhere productive. We find this among some religious folks, whose religion is somehow the only salvation, above all other faiths.  We also find it in politics, with intense feelings about the “rightness” of their ideologies.  When others take such non-negotiable stances, they are making someone else (maybe you!) wrong, valuing their perspectives as being superior over yours, and defining you as an adversary!  (When was the last time that you changed someone’s mind in such an argument?)  Such arrogance is unfriendly, non-productive, demeaning and a form of bullying.  It is past time to engage at a higher level of discourse, putting our “right” opinions aside, and listening instead for those things that build better relationships that offer respect and understanding.  Instead of beginning with our righteous demands for understanding and agreement, we would be better served by inquiring about the hopes, expectations and needs of others.  It is in this endeavor that we find bridges to new awareness, and hope for our future.

Your thoughts and reflections?