Are you in shape, character-wise?

Are you in shape, character-wise?

Recently, I’ve been learning that, to build physical strength, disciplined training is key.  The older we get, the more this is required for our health.  Frankly, training is a pain at any age, but as a senior (and I am one) training is uncomfortable!

So, what about character. We admire leaders with character: loyalty, decisiveness, compassion, honesty and integrity are a few characteristics. But we are not born with it. Building character, like physical strength, also requires disciplined training, and it too is uncomfortable!  Exercising your values every day, with many reps to ensure consistency, endurance and “muscle memory”, creates habit.  It means being true to what is going on, honest about feelings, open about issues, having the courage to speak truth, all despite any discomfort that accrues.  When you grow muscles, they hurt for a while, a sign of growth.  The same with character.  Growth hurts.

But character growth also makes you stronger, causing courage to flourish, and increasing awareness when values are compromised.  With discipline, you decide more rapidly and nimbly, and create more peace in your relationships and in your life.


Train for character, and you will bring more clarity to your actions, building a foundation of consistency and stability for future success.  Get in shape!  Train for character!


What are you training for today?