Change is needed!

Change is needed, and YOU better get started!
People claim they want change, but it seems it’s always the other person that must change! This blaming attitude creates much drama in today’s conversations. We demand or we dance, and fail to articulate the real issues. Demanding just creates a fight. Dancing around difficult conversations goes nowhere, and is not compassion, care, or empathy. Disagreement left unresolved becomes conflict and about power—never a good situation for people who claim to care for one another and a paralyzing disservice, preventing accomplishment. Insisting on being right in an uncertain world is a sure strategy for being wrong! Not much learning occurs unless we come together with honesty, humility and the willingness to listen and be influenced ourselves. Listening without willingness to be influenced, creates defensiveness, destroying any care that people have for one another. True humility is the path to authentic power, requiring the courage to share with others what you fear will damage relationships, and the courage to receive feedback about what damage you might risk causing. Approaching disagreement and change with a willingness to be influenced is a clear signal that you care.

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