So, what’s your story?

Each of our lives is a story in the works. We have a history of experiences, and a future of dreams. All of this is our story! Even more important than the story itself is how we tell the story to others. Realization is in the telling:

• We can tell the story of accomplishments, the pride of doing well, making a difference, and accomplishing something significant.

• Or we can tell the story of defeat, the opportunities missed, the battles lost, and the injuries along the way.

• We can tell the story of possibility, a world of abundance available to us, and the wonderful opportunities that are present in our lives.

• Or we can tell the story of limited resources, a world of too much risk, and not enough cooperation from others.

• We can tell the story of friendship and care with others who share our dreams.

• Or we can tell the story of alienation, separation from others who diminish us and our dreams.

The stories we tell are powerful, and affect our behavior, our moods and feelings, and our futures. The stories we tell about ourselves reflect exactly who we will become over time.

So what is your story?