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How lucky are you?

Someone told me that I am lucky to have what I have in life.  Agree, but maybe it is more than luck (though luck is one factor).  He wanted some of that “luck” himself, but when asked what he doing to achieve it, he said, “Nothing, I don’t have time, and have other priorities”. Some envy what others have, but are unwilling to act to make it happen.

We grow by trying new things and experiences.  How else could we learn and have more enriched lives?  We must constantly renew ourselves.

Of course, the pursuit is often difficult. We might even “fail”. But there really is no failure, just results.  Failure is a label we create when we set goals or expectations, and our efforts do not result in what we wanted or expected.  Perhaps the problem is in the labeling!

“Weaknesses” might surface in the pursuit. Perceived weaknesses are not weaknesses, but messages about many possible things:  boundaries or limits, cautions, opportunities for change to name some.  The thing is to not label yourself as “weak”, or cause that to keep you from the chase.

Chasing your dreams is seldom about accomplishing goals…it is a lifelong pursuit, with the real vitality coming from the chase itself.  You can control your effort and attitude!  Enjoy the chase!